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3 Reasons to Update Your Business Headshot in 2023

Updated: Jan 4

Your profile picture is the first thing prospects view and it is the most important visual component of your Linkedin profile. It is smart to make a great first impression with an updated professional headshot! Whether you are reaching out to new prospects, utilizing a headshot for an upcoming event, or even applying for a new postition; Your profile picture should clearly show who you are, your role and your personality. Not accomplishing these important rules on your profile picture may limit future business opportunities.

1. Your last profile pic was taken over a year ago

Most image experts recommend having your headshot updated every 1-2 years; However, that can be different for each person. If your look changes dramatically, it is definitely time to take a new headshot as it is important that your profile picture represents the current you.

2. Your last profile pic was not shot professionally

Even though cell phone camera quality has come a long way, you will get the most out of your profile picture when it is shot by a professional photographer who has expertise in lighting, atmosphere and most of all, a photographer that will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. The photographer should also set up poses specifically to role and the look that your brand is going for.

3. You just don’t like your current profile picture

The goal with a business headshot is to show professionalism, personality and creativity for you and the brand you are representing. It is very common to not like your current profile picture because it may not accomplish those goals.

For more information to how you can quickly update your social media profile picture, click the "Update Your Headshot," button below.

Posted By: Shot By Mello Photography

Dallas/Austin, TX

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